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Serving Abilene, and the Big Country
3801 High Meadows Dr              Phone: 325-668-7371

About Me

Welcome to Christian Dog Training. I'm Melissa the owner and trainer with more than 7 years as a certified dog trainer. I love changing lives one dog at a time.

As a positive reinforcement clicker trainer, I offer a variety of private and group classes. If you have a specific behavior need, I would be happy to customize a behavior modification plan for you .


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Join the fun! Come meet other puppies and their families. Puppies between the ages of 7 and 12 weeks need socialization for a lifetime of love.

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Basic Puppy Training

Does your puppy rule the house? Take back your home with boundaries, bonding, sits, lay downs, stay, come when called and the beginnings of loose leash walking. All on and off leash.

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Basic Obedience

If it's a fast recall you would like, a dog who walks calmly at your side, or sits and stays when asked, together we can make that happen.

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Behavior Issues

If your dog is barking, jumping, chewing, darting through doors, or suffers from fear, anxiety shyness or aggression. I can help you make a change.

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Service Dog Training

If you're committed to a better way of life, I can customize a training plan to fit your disabilities and needs. The service dogs I train undergo training for mobility assistance and some medical assistance. Which can include autism assistance, and psychiatric assistance like PTSD and TBI.

Love My Clients

What Clients Say

Melissa is the best. Extremely professional, kind and loving to my Charles. He gets very excited when I tell him she is coming. Could not have a better trainer.

Squeaky Walker

So blessed to have found Melissa! My young GSD has had some serious fear issues and Melissa never lets that get in the way of our training. My dog and I have learned so much in just our first 2 weeks. Melissa is professional, reliable, and very knowledgeable! Hands-down, I recommend her to anyone!! So thankful for her!

Rachel Miller

Melissa is a very knowledgeable and excellent trainer. She addresses each dog differently and designs the training for the specific dog.

Eva Kendall

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